Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Reasons Your Team Hates You


You Don't Prioritize

If everything is important, the team can't focus on critical tasks.

The Fix

Force yourself to rank each task, dividing them evenly between high medium, and low. Honor that list.


You Treat Them Like Employees

If you know nothing about your team as people, they know it.

The Fix

Take the time to learn some details. No faking this one.


You Don't Fight For Them

When you don't stand up for people, you lose their trust.

The Fix

Get someone that raise they deserve. Get that cool new project approved. Let them know.


You Don't Model Balance

You say weekends are precious for families, then bombard them with email on Sunday afternoon.

The Fix

Take a day off -- or learn how to do "delayed send" so your messages won't go out until Monday morning.


You Never Relax

Negative or stressful energy transfers to others.

The Fix

Let them know you're human. Laugh, when appropriate.


You Micromanage

They have no room to make decisions on their own.

The Fix

Pick a few low risk projects; commit to doing nothing unless being asked for help.


You're A Suck-up

This shows a lack of spine -- and could mean you expect the same from them.

The Fix

Try kicking up, and kissing down.


You Treat Them Like Mushrooms

In the dark, fed manure.

The Fix

Share information within reason. You aren't 007.


You Don't Get Your Hands Dirty

You're great at assigning work. Doing work? Not so much.

The Fix

Pick a smaller project and do it yourself.


You're Indecisive

Flip-flopping is not leadership.

The Fix

Acknowledge you might make a mistake, but move ahead.


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