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15 Companies That Made Waves at Cloud Connect 2011


Cloud computing-related conferences are en vogue in IT right now and deservedly so. There is so much to learn and discuss about this truly disruptive form of IT. This is because there is still a great amount of curiosity, misinformation and misunderstanding about what cloud computing entails. Several recent research reports that indicate that nearly half of the IT decision-makers in the United States haven't even considered moving any of their IT to the cloud yet—even though a large number of Web-based services have been available for use since the late 1990s. Trust is the major issue here. Business data, the lifeblood of any enterprise, must be kept secure at all times, and if business data is maintained outside a company's firewall, a measure of control is—by the very nature of the cloud—lost. Many people are still uncomfortable with this. In any case, the third annual Cloud Connect conference at the Santa Clara Convention center March 7-10 was a sold-out event that focused a lot of attention on cloud security problem-solving. Here are some companies—some already well known, others not so well known—with interesting products and services at the event.

OpSource, Santa Clara, Calif.

OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses of any size to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. At the conference, the company launched new bundles that add hardware-based security and networking to its cloud servers offering to deliver secure cloud computing to more businesses.


UnboundID, Austin, Texas

UnboundID describes itself as the first true virtualized identity management infrastructure and the first and only VMware-certified directory service. It offers identity management infrastructure for cloud service providers and enterprises consuming cloud infrastructure. UnboundID gives cloud service providers the elastic scalability needed to grow or shrink identity management capacity on demand.


Terremark Worldwide, Miami, Fla.

Terremark is a global provider of IT infrastructure services that uses its own worldwide data centers. Terremark serves government and enterprise customers a comprehensive suite of managed solutions, including managed hosting, collocation, disaster recovery, security, data storage and cloud computing services.


StrataScale, Sacramento, Calif.

StrataScale offers secure server and cloud IT infrastructure and hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. With StrataScale hosting, users can build, manage and scale entire cloud, dedicated and hybrid server environments in minutes from anywhere, at anytime via its advanced Web portal.


SoftLayer Technologies, Dallas, Texas

SoftLayer Technologies describes itself as the largest hosting company in the world. SoftLayer enables customers to create dedicated, cloud, or seamless hybrid computing environments, leveraging world-class data centers in Dallas, Houston, Seattle and Washington, D.C. SoftLayer automates all elements of its platform and claims complete control, security, scalability and ease of management.


ScaleOut Software, Beaverton, Ore.

ScaleOut Software develops in-memory distributed data grid software for storing, managing and analyzing data in both cloud and on-premise deployments. Its flagship product, ScaleOut StateServer, accelerates application performance with linear scalability and enables automatic data migration to/from the cloud.


Nimbula, Mountain View, Calif.

Nimbula has developed a "cloud operating system" that combines the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of a public cloud with the control, security and trust of an advanced data center. Nimbula was founded by the team that developed the industry-leading Amazon EC2 public cloud service.


CloudOptix, Boca Raton, Fla.

CloudOptix has a service called MeghaWare, which gives users a single portal to view and manage the entirety of their Web identities—from Google Apps to Netflix to Amazon S3. The service works not only with S3 but also with Windows Azure, Google Storage and AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service.


Intel Application Security Products & Cloud Builders, Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.

Mega-chipmaker Intel has developed a 2015 vision for federated, automated and client-aware cloud capabilities based on interoperable, multi-vendor solutions that embrace industry standards. Thus, Intel has created Intel Cloud Builders—a cross-industry initiative aimed at making it easier to build, enhance and operate cloud infrastructure.


IBM Blue Cloud, Armonk, N.Y.

IBM, as one might imagine, either has—or can get you—anything under the sun for a cloud deployment. The company said March 10 that it expects to earn $7 billion in cloud-related revenue by 2015, so it must be doing something right.


Gluster, Milpitas, Calif.

Gluster delivers an open-source software platform that simplifies storage and management of unstructured data. Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances use a unified global namespace to virtualize disk and memory resources into a single shared pool that is centrally managed. Gluster provides scale-out NAS for virtual machine and cloud environments.


CoreSite, Denver, Colo.

CoreSite develops network-rich data centers that optimize and secure mission-critical IT assets of large and midrange enterprises. CoreSite offers private data centers and suites, cage-to-cabinet collocation and interconnection services, such as Any2, CoreSite's Internet exchange. The company's portfolio comprises more than 2 million square feet, including space held for redevelopment and development, and provides access to more than 200 network service providers via 11 data centers in seven key U.S. economic centers.


Cloudsoft Corporation, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cloudsoft is a venture-backed software company helping enterprises apply the benefits of cloud computing to the large-scale, distributed, transactional systems that underpin their business. Cloudsoft’s Monterey Spring Edition is an intelligent application mobility platform and the only product that lets users logically partition Spring transactional applications into discrete components. The platform is geographically aware and automatically optimizes infrastructure utilization and governance based on policies.


Cloupia, Santa Clara, Calif.

Cloupia, a new cloud automation and management software provider, offers a suite of cloud computing products and solutions that enables organizations to build their own internal private clouds as well as manage public and hybrid clouds using a so-called "single pane of glass." Cloupia helps organizations to smoothly evolve from static data center or virtual environments to private and public cloud environments with the necessary management and automation tools.


Cloud Cruiser, Roseville, Calif.

Cloud Cruiser, a venture-backed company that provides cost-optimization software for enterprise cloud deployments, launched on March 1. Cloud Cruiser claims to solve the most critical problems in the cloud market: cost visibility, next generation chargeback and optimization across heterogeneous IT environments.


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