Friday, March 18, 2011

25 Fast Facts About Twitter in the Workplace


Twitter devotees are taking over the workplace, 140 characters at a time. The wildly popular microblogging site with the funny name and the celebrity cred has gone from curiosity to the mainstream in just a couple of years, and these days it's about much more than keeping up with the latest from Ashton and Kanye. Tweeting has made it easy for workers to update colleagues, partners, and customers about the latest marketing campaigns, hiring happenings and other important company messages. Twitter also provides companies with an invaluable tool for listening to customers as they talk back and talk amongst themselves. And, of course, just as many workers use the company phone to organize their personal lives while in the office, people go beyond updating business communications to share social-life trivia with friends and family. How companies respond to that split reality is an emerging science, but there is no doubt that bite-sized messaging has a business impact that can not be ignored.

1. Dell reported that Twitter promotions helped it sell $6.5 million in gear last year.

2. New Orleans-based pizza chain Naked Pizza brought in 15% of its business from an exclusive-to-Twitter promotion in April.

3. 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.

4. 8% of tweets involve advertising, product recommendations or complaints.

5. 69% of respondents to a McKinsey survey say their companies have gained measurable business benefits from social technologies.

6. 81% of marketers using social media said it generates more exposure for their business

7. An MIT survey found that employees with the most extensive personal networks are 7% more productive than their counterparts.

8. 54% of companies block employee access to Twitter.

9. 57% of workers who use Twitter spend at least 40 minutes per week on the site.

10. 65% of the Fortune 100 use Twitter to communicate with customers and stakeholders.

11. 82% of companies with a Twitter account tweet company news in an average week, with an average of 27 tweets per week.

12. 38% of companies with Twitter accounts respond to others' tweets in a given week; 32% retweet during an average week.

13. Fortune 100 companies have an average of 1,489 followers on their Twitter accounts, and typically follow an average of 731 accounts.

14. Twitter users tweet about 42% of the Fortune 100 companies with Twitter accounts.

15. 180 million unique visitors come to the Twitter site every month; 300,000 new users sign up for Twitter each day.

16. 5% of Americans were aware of Twitter in 2008, compared to 87% in 2010.

17. More than half of Twitter users are under the age of 45.

18. 46% of financial advisors want to harness Twitter for client acquisition.

19. 50% of marketers use social media of some kind.

20. Twitter's search engine processes about 600 million queries a day.

21. 75% of Twitter traffic comes in through third-party applications.

22. 37% of Twitter's active users tweet from their phones.

23. 60% of all tweets come from third-party applications, of which there are some 70,000.

24. Tuesday and Wednesday are the busiest days of the week for announcements via Twitter.

25. English is used by 61% of Twitter users, making it the most common language on the service; Portuguese is second, at 11%.


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