Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eight Gaming Skills That Pay the Bills


1. Targeting
Goals, customers, and strategies—all require some target practice.
Play This: Classic video “shooters” reward accuracy.

2. Socialization
Successful relationships and compromise drive business.
Play This: Mafia Wars requires alliances for ultimate success.

3. Judgment
Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
Play This: Chance-heavy games like poker and Yahtzee require you weigh probabilities

4. Grace Under Pressure
Time is money.
Play This: Using the timer in Scrabble ups the pressure—and the skill-level.

5. Problem Solving
Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.
Play This: Scavenger hunts combine logistics and code-breaking.

6. Competitiveness
Rivalry brings out the best in people.
Play This: Individual sports force us to maximize effort.

7. Teamwork
Collaboration is key.
Play This: Team sports give everyone a role.

8. Data Evaluation
Turning data into information guides strategic thinking.
Play This: Monopoly requires decisions based on evaluating cash-flow, property values, etc.