Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't Waste Money on iPad 2: 10 Reasons Why


  1. The Design Differences Aren’t Major
    Apple’s iPad 2 is certainly a nice-looking device. And the best part is, it’s thinner and features a lighter weight than its predecessor. But the difference is negligible, since chances are, most folks aren’t going to notice the difference between 1.5 pounds and 1.3 pounds. Mobility is undoubtedly important, but the original iPad is just fine for those on-the-go.
  2. The Dual Cameras Aren’t Everything
    Much has been made about Apple’s decision to offer dual cameras on the iPad 2. With their help, users will be able to snap photos and have FaceTime video chats with others. But are those features enough to justify buying another iPad? Considering there are many other cameras out there for much cheaper prices, probably not.
  3. The White Doesn’t Look So Great
    Apple was quick to point out that its new tablet comes with a white finish. That might appeal to some folks, but when one actually looks at the white version, it quickly becomes clear that the black model looks much nicer. Realizing that, those who own the current iPad and were thinking seriously about the white version should stay away and wait for Apple to offer a nicer look in the future.
  4. The iPad 3 Will Be Best
    Let’s face it: the iPad 2 is nothing more than an evolutionary upgrade. It features a better processor, a slightly improved design, and a few other features that customers might like. But it’s the iPad 3 that will feature the biggest change. It will likely deliver the many features the iPad 2 is missing. And it would probably behoove current iPad owners to wait.
  5. The Price Is Still the Same
    As mentioned, the update to the iPad 2 isn’t all that groundbreaking. And that’s probably why Apple kept the price of the device the same, starting at $499 and going up to $829. However, consumers need to ask themselves if they really want to pay at least $500 for a device that was updated in largely minor ways.
  6. Consider Other Available Options
    The iPad 2 might look like one of the better options on the market, but it’s worth noting that there are several other devices available now, including the Motorola Xoom, which consumers might also want to consider. That device comes with many of the features the iPad 2 offers, but delivers a bigger screen, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and a future, free upgrade to 4G. It’s a fine alternative to the iPad 2.
  7. Think About Future Devices Too
    Aside from current devices, it’s important for consumers to remember that there are scores of tablets scheduled to hit store shelves in the coming months. They range from the LG Optimus Pad to the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook. And they all offer something unique. Rather than opt for the iPad 2 now, maybe it would be best to hold on to the current iPad and see what future tablets might offer.
  8. Don’t Fall Into the Annual Trap
    Apple is absolutely the best in the market when it comes to getting customers to buy new devices every year. The company delivers important updates to its products and does so in an arena where everyone finds out about it. The strategy helps it attract customers to its products every year. And it makes for much higher revenue figures. But considering the evolutionary upgrade to the iPad 2, customers would be smart to resist the urge to fall into the annual trap this time around.
  9. There’s No 4G
    One of the main omissions from the iPad 2 is 4G. Unlike the Motorola Xoom, which will offer a free upgrade to 4G, the iPad 2 only comes with the ability to connect to 3G networks. It’s a misstep on Apple’s part, given the growing importance of the ultra-high-speed connection. And it should be enough for current iPad owners to wait until the iPad 3 to upgrade from their current tablet. After all, that device probably will have 4G.
  10. Where’s the Retina Display?
    Prior to the announcement of the iPad 2, rumors started surfacing, suggesting that the device would come with an improved display. Some wondered if Apple would offer its high-quality Retina Display — which is found in the iPhone 4 — in the iPad 2, as well. But it did nothing of the sort. And the new tablet’s screen is identical to its predecessor. That’s unfortunate. Apple had an opportunity to entice more customers to the iPad 2 by delivering a better display. And it fell short.

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