Saturday, March 19, 2011

Samsung Business Notebooks, Galaxy Player, Slim Laptops


Samsung used a March 16 event in New York City to roll out its spring offensive, displaying a number of laptops, smartphones, tablets and portable media players intended for both consumers and businesses. While some may be familiar to users, notably the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, the manufacturer also showed off some devices due to hit the market in coming weeks or months. In a bid to challenge the iPod market with an Android-based alternative, Samsung will use a Galaxy Player in 4-inch and 5-inch editions. For more business-minded folk, Samsung has three different notebook lines—the Series 2, Series 4 and Series 6—meant to couple long-lasting battery life and Windows 7 Professional with a durable and traditional-looking laptop case. But that doesn’t mean Samsung plans on giving up its pretensions to style. The manufacturer’s Series 9 notebooks offer the sleekness and ultra-portability currently in vogue among PC makers. Like the business-centric laptops, the Series 9 also runs Windows 7 Professional and offers seven hours’ worth of battery charge. During the New York City presentation, Samsung executives suggested that the company’s ultimate intention is to create a wide-ranging ecosystem of products with a heightened degree of interoperability, essentially challenging Apple’s model in that area. Nor is Apple the only competitor that Samsung has its sights on: the sheer amount of televisions on display, loaded with the app-heavy "Smart Hub," spoke to the company’s desire to challenge Google TV and other "Web television" initiatives currently in the works. One thing is very clear: Samsung wants to play a large part in your digital lifestyle.

Galaxy Player

Perhaps Samsung sees the traditional iPod’s slowly declining sales numbers as an opportunity to jump into the market: The company plans on rolling out a 5-inch Galaxy Player that offers a touch-screen portable-media platform via Google Android.


Big Screen

Samsung likely hopes the version of the Galaxy player with a 5-inch screen will draw in users looking for the (portable) big-screen experience.



The Galaxy Player’s camera employs a familiar Android interface.



Samsung is also offering the Galaxy Player in a 4-inch form-factor. Based on a brief run-through, it seemed basically the same as the 5-inch edition, in terms of user interface.


Galaxy Tab

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab remains Samsung’s flagship tablet product, although the company is expected to launch a larger-screen version soon.



According to a new IDC report, the Galaxy Tab held 17 percent of the tablet market, which was good enough for second place, but lagging behind the iPad at 73 percent.



Samsung imagines its growing array of tech products as operating in an interlinked ecosystem, similar to Apple.


Smart Hub

Samsung plans on adding its "Smart Hub," loaded with apps and other features, to its televisions. This seems a move to compete with the likes of Google TV and Apple TV.



Samsung’s newest laptops offer a choice of SSD (solid-state drives), bringing them on par with rivals’ portable offerings.


Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S, offered in multiple variants on multiple carriers, continues as the company’s flagship Android-based smartphone.



At the New York City event, Samsung executives suggested the company’s heavy emphasis on 3D for the consumer market would presage a plan to introduce similar 3D functionality to enterprise-centric devices.


Series 9

Samsung’s Series 9 notebooks offer light weight (2.89 pounds) and thinness, paired with Windows 7 Professional and seven hours of battery life.


Business Laptops

Samsung’s Series 2, 4 and 6 business notebooks come in 12.5- and 14-inch models, and feature Windows 7 Professional. Like the Series 9, Samsung boasts these laptops’ seven-hour battery life.



Unlike the Series 9, Samsung’s business-oriented notebooks seem thicker and more square. The Series 2 features either Intel’s Celeron or Core i3 processor, while the Series 4 and Series 6 include the option of Core i3 through Core i7.