Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cloud Computing: 15 Hot New Cloud, Mobile Products That Starred at DEMO 2011



PhotoRocket is a cloud service that enables users to share photos instantly in one step to all photo destinations. With applications for Windows, Mac and iPhone, a single click simultaneously shares to people, Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Launch PhotoRocket nearly anywhere you have a photo to share. You can right-click, drag and drop, or click on a nearby PhotoRocket button. PhotoRocket eliminates uploading, e-mailing, resizing, attaching and other hurdles.


ApSynth is a new kind of platform as a service (PAAS) that lets developers create and deploy Web applications in a simple way. Once published, applications can be embedded and spread to other Websites, blogs and social networks. Applications authors deliver either free applications or set a price for a monthly number of displays. ApSynth Web applications become monetized Web content just like text, video, et cetera.


Manilla is a free, cloud-based personal-account-management service that helps consumers manage all their household accounts, including bills, finances, travel rewards programs and subscriptions in one place.


DataRoket is a cloud-based analytical database for data-warehouse, data-integration and master data management. It gets data from wherever it exists in your company, with your partners or in the cloud, and integrates it into a real-time, highly scalable and high-performance data source that can be used anywhere for any application.


GageIn is a business-networking platform powered by content. It is a next-generation platform for gathering information, collaborating with colleagues, and making the right connections to uncover business opportunities and quickly drive measurable results. GageIn provides five key feature functions—explore, receive, connect, collaborate and promote—to help uncover business opportunities.


Brazil-based Embria has created a patented Web-based operating system that provides flexibility and agility for enterprise Web software development, online collaboration and process governance. This software uses an architecture of prefabricated components that can be configured or customized according to the requirements of each user.


Workface Inc.'s Workface is a customer-initiated-engagement platform that connects your employees with new customers online in real-time. The idea is to digitally connect business people with customers "in a way that preserves the human experience." Workface software has more than 70,000 users worldwide.


Nimble describes itself as "the world's first Social Relationship Manager." The free cloud-based software connects and manages contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations into Nimble's Web-based application and is aimed at transforming social communities into business customers.

V3 Systems

V3 has a short name that could easily seem to get lost, but the company is convinced it has big potential in the marketplace. V3's VDA is a 1U-high rack-mounted appliance that serves as a virtual desktop accelerator and delivers virtual desktop performance from a cloud-based environment.


Kuggaa is a cloud-based service that allows its subscribers to create, edit and view their favorite mobile content supported across different devices. Kuggaa unifies all device ecosystems and does not keep subscribers captive to one ecosystem (such as Android, MacOS Windows or others). Subscribers can access any of the content on any of their devices with an application-based desktop. is a patent-pending, cloud-based service that provides a single location to manage household information. prompts users to record specific details to be prepared with the information you need to take care of your family. All posts are combined to save time on everyday activities, such as creating family newsletters, scrapbooks and mailing lists for holiday cards, or completing school forms, college applications, caregiver instructions and tax returns.'s Cloud9 IDE is a cloud-based integrated software development environment that provides a collaboration platform for JavaScript developers in the cloud. It also supports HTML5, Python, Ruby and PHP. The platform enables developers to build applications that can be accessed, edited or shared anytime, anywhere.


HBMG Inc.'s Vector is a new product line for this established security and collaboration software maker. Vector is a rapidly deployable, cloud-centric appliance that provides all the IT and network infrastructure necessary for small and midsized businesses or remote offices for enterprises.


Websense is not a new company, but it’s providing a topical service: security for a key part of the social Web. Its new Defensio for Facebook specifically prevents Facebook page owners from attackers who post unwanted content. It also protects brand reputation, image, customers and prospects from being infected on Facebook.


Zugara's Webcam Social Shopper is a cloud-based apparel visualization and social-media-engagement product. Users go online using a webcam to display their own image "trying on" clothing and accessories ahead of time to see if they like the look before buying the items online. This potentially saves shoppers a lot of time and effort returning unwanted goods.


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